MATTHEW 28:19-20

L A T E S T  S E R M O N

Embrace The Storm


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S T A Y   C O N N E C T E D

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Bryce Stamey is an American Traveling Evangelist who has a heart for preaching The Gospel, teaching others about Jesus, and equipping others to go out and reach the lost. Bryce is originally from Columbia, South Carolina but currently lives in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Bryce grew up in a Christian home surrounded by a very loving and supportive family. However, at the age of eight years old, Bryce was introduced to pornography. For the next fourteen years of his life, Bryce was enslaved to pornography while also struggling with lust on a daily basis.

In July of 2016 while Bryce was a leader at a high school youth retreat, The Lord spoke to him where He called him into full time ministry. Hearing this from the Lord, he assumed that this meant becoming a Pastor. However, in October of 2018, while on the way back from a beach trip, Bryce was convicted to become a Christian Evangelist by an encounter with The Lord. Not knowing what that necessarily looked like, Bryce simply said "yes." After saying yes to this calling, Bryce has seen countless people say "yes" to Jesus in response to his preaching

Since October of 2018, Bryce has spoken at multiple churches including youth camps, revivals, conferences, Wednesday night services, FCA, and other gatherings. Bryce has been blessed with much insight and wisdom about scripture, but he sees his message being very simple... Jesus. 

Bryce believes that delayed obedience is disobedience, so any moment he is not operating in his purpose to preach the gospel, he is living in disobedience. He desires to see not only people come to know Jesus in their heart, but to walk in the freedom and peace that Jesus promises to give us over and over in Scripture.

Bryce believes that Christ has given him the unique ability to communicate truth and the ability to relate to people, ultimately for bringing Jesus glory. He is honored and humbled to be considered for your event, and looks forward to partnering with you.

 God Bless 

John 14:6


We would be honored to partner with you and see as many people step into a new relationship with Jesus as possible. We believe that God wants to draw the lost near to Him and we also believe that He has freedom for those who are already followers of Jesus. Bryce believes in using his story of past brokenness to minster to other's present hurt, while also preaching unapologetically the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness.